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18.11.2016 21:00 Alter: 3 yrs
Kategorie: Musik

Dyki Lys

Jazzmeile 2016

Dyki Lys (which translates to mean ‘Wild Fox’ in Ukrainian) is a Berlin based band led by singer and composer Ganna Gryniva. Having roots in Siberia, Ukraine, and Germany, Gryniva aims to bring into play her multicultural background as a means of unveiling her musical identity. With band members Eyal Lovett (Israel), Thomas Kolarczyk (Deutschland, Poland) and Mathias Ruppnig (Österreich), Dyki Lys draws its influence from Ukrainian Folklore, Soul, Experimental, as well as Traditional Jazz as a way of organically forming soundscapes that give Dyki Lys a fresh and modern take on music.

  • Ganna Gryniva - voice, composition
  • Eyal Lovett - piano
  • Thomas Kolarczyk - upright bass
  • Mathias Ruppnig - drums

Beginn: 21 Uhr

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