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03.05.2018 20:00 Alter: 1 year
Kategorie: Musik

Marie Kruttli

at Speicher-Erfurt

Marie Kruttli was born in 1991. She started playing the piano at the age of 6. After spending years playing classical music, she discovered jazz as a genre that resonated more with her body and soul. Marie studied at the jazz music department of the University of Lausanne (HEMU) with Emil Spanyi, where she received her bachelor’s in 2012. She then completed her master’s studying with Hans Feigenwinter in Lucerne.

In 2010 Marie started her own trio to perform her original music. The trio released its debut album “Kartapousse” in 2015. During the same year Marie spent 3 months in New York City, where she was immersed in the local jazz scene. She recorded an EP with notable New York musicians which was released in October 2016. She won scholarships from the Friedlwald Foundation and from the Langnau Jazz Night piano competition. Marie and her trio also won the ZKB Jazz Preis 2016. The trio just released its new album “Running After The Sun”. They perform actively in Europe. Over the past few years, Marie has been playing with Gerry Hemingway,Tim Berne, Michael Abene, Matthieu Michel, Dominik Burkhalter, Alban Darche, Dejan Terzic, Samuel Blaser and young upcoming NewYork musicians like Jonathan Barber, Devin Starks, Linda Briceno and Francesco Geminiani among many others


«This young lady is phenomenal» David Murray, Saxophonist, ZKB Jazz award Laudatio (28. Apr. 2016)

«Jazz needs trios like this» Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz on «Kartapousse» (04. Jul.2015)

«You can unmistakably hear some Herbie Hancock […]Timeless New York City sophistication and classic club swing» Geno Thackara, All About Jazz on «What Do I Miss» (10. Sep. 2016)